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P16 6.144mx3.072m Truck LED Display In Poland

Author:Yuchip Date:2012-9-23 22:13:42

Truck LED Display known as truck LED screen play an important role of  mobile LED screen fields.For Poland LED screen market, it's being rised compared to 
competitive and maturity standard LED display market.
The Poland project information as below:
1. Outdoor P16 2RGB;
2. Display Size:6.144m x 3.072m;
3. Cabinet Size:1024x1024x160mm;
4. Display Resolution:768 x 384 = 294912 Virtual Pixel.
5. LED screen installed on mobile container truck.
As we all know Poland LED market was developed at early stage and was very competitive already. So traditional outdoor LED screen advertising is very hard to start or to move further. While truck LED screen came out as a eye catching presentation method and attract more and more attention from advertising agents,advertisers,consumers etc.
The customer is very satisfied with truck LED display effect in presentation and benefits and plan to start  more such kind project.
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