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Perimeter LED screen will be used more

Author:Yuchip Date:2012-4-17 10:19:13

More and more staidum events is taking place around the world, and perimeter LED display which is an important part of sport LED screen is being used more and more.

For stadium LED display wide advertising applications in football LED screen fields,basketball LED display fields and other sporting LED screen usage. Its attractive and effective adverting during game events got good attention from both audience and advertisers. For instance the Fifa world cup,more and more LED display is used as advertising LED screen,LED display score board etc. In the South Africa World Cup, we could see many, also for the coming Brazil World Cup, surely more LED technology will be used, not only in LED billboards, but also LED lightinguse.

Below is a brief introductio of Brazil world cup:
The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the 20th FIFA World Cup, an international association football tournament that will take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014.This will be the second time the country has hosted the competition, the first being the 1950 FIFA World Cup. Brazil will become the fifth country to have hosted the FIFA World Cup twice, after Mexico, Italy, France and Germany.

Beside the advertising usage, perimeter LED screen could also be used for Live Transfer which is important for sporting games. Together with more and more events,gmaes,gatherings coming, more and more sport LED screen and other applications will be needed.
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