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Peru LED Display Case P20 Outdoor LED Display

Author:YUCHIP LED Date:2013-4-9 16:06:37

Peru LED Display Case P20 Outdoor LED Display
LED Display is being used more and more as LED billboards to substitute traditional advertising billboards.Advertising LED Display main advantages as below:
1.Advertising LED Screen is eye catching which would attract more consumers attention and lead better advertising effect;
2.LED Screen advertising can work 24 hours a day with advertising contents changing synchronously and this guarantee more advertisers and advertising contents each day;
3.LED Display is energy saving and enviroment friendly and this would be the trend of lighting and advertising;
4.For LED billboards investment, it's one time investment and benefits would be huge and back in soon time.
Considering this few advantages,our Peru LED Display customers considering traditional billboards to advertising LED screen.
Project details as below:
LED pixel choose: P20 Outdoor LED Display
Peru LED Screen size: 12.8x6.72m
Location: Lima,Peru
Right now South America LED Screen market is deveopling quickly,also Asia and Africa market is getting obvious development.
This P20 Outdoor LED Screen will be a milestone in Peru LED Screen market and hope we YUCHIP would support more in this process.
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