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outdoor LED screen is changing billboards advertising

Author:Yuchip Date:2012-5-15 19:48:33

Outdoor LED Screen also known as outdoor LED display is an important method of outdoor advertising.It's widely used to substitue traditional billboards advertising. Outdoor LED panel can be divided into 1RGB outdoor LED billboards,2RGB outdoor LED sign and SMD outdoor LED display screen.

The reason that outdoor advertising LED screen is used much is as below:

1. New LED technology which attract advertising agents, potential consumers attention;

2. Active functions, the outdoor LED panel can not only show static text advertising, but also show image,used as large video LED display etc;

3. Easy and convenient operation. Unlike static billboards advertising, users can add,edit and delet advertising contents anytime anywhere. All these steps is done through a control PC for outdoor LED screen;

4. Less investment. LED billboards could show different companys' with different contents at one piece LED panel. So one site installation will win more advertisers and reach more audience.

Above is only few advantages of outdoor LED screen advertising. For more information,just feel free to contact we SHENZHEN YUCHIP LIGHTING CO.,LTD. The trend of LED screen is high resolution and ultra slim, so for outdoor LED display we are supplying outdoor P6.67 LED display,P8,P10,P12,P14,P16,P20,P25 and P31.25 based on project request.


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