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LED Wallwasher for Building Decoration

Product name : LED Wallwasher for Building Decoration

Item : LED Wallwasher

Details :
LED Wallwasher has 12W, 24W, 36W and muh high watt thery. LED Wallwasher lighting can change color in two kind. The first kind is inside control which can change simply, the second kind is outside control with DMX controller. LED Wallwasher light is always used for Building Decoration, restarant decoration, casio and club decoration etc.

Shenzhen Yuchip Lighting Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer which specializes in researching, developing, producing and exporting indoor and outdoor LED Lighting and Display products. Our products are produced with CE & RoHS approval which include LED Tube, LED Pane,LED Down Light, LED Strip and Indoor and Outdoor LED Display, including Advertising LED Display,Rental LED Screen,Concerts LED Display,Events LED Screen,Truck and Trailer Rental LED Display,Perimeter LED Screen,Stadium LED Display, LED Video Display and Traffic LED Display. At this time our experienced LED display department are dedicateing to R&D full color Large Video LED Display,especially thin and light weight Rental LED Panel. They are widely used to light up and decorate home, office, shopping mall, hotel, bank, air port, concert stage and dance room, also used for advertising both indoor and outdoor environment.

LED Wallwasher is widely used for budilding decoration, swimming pool decoration, stage colorful effect etc.Garden Decoration, Restaurant Decoration, Casio and Club etc. LED Wallwasher light is being used more and more for its energy saving and easy operation to realise colorful effect.
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